Changemaker Classrooms 1

Project Summary
Grantee: ASHOKA Foundation
Purpose: Supporting and scaling-up social and emotional learning skills in education
Location: Turkey
Grant Amount: 230.000 TL
Period: 2 January 2017 - 29 December 2017


Children and young people should be supported to have some changemaking skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, empathy, team work, responsibility, leadership and self-confidence in order to be individuals who take responsibility in today’s and tomorrow’s social problems, find innovative solutions and make positive contributions to the society. To improve these skills, it is necessary to reach some good classroom practices, visualize and disseminate them for teachers.


  • Needs assessment will be conducted in focus group meetings with teachers
  • Good practices from abroad will be collected, localized and adapted to Turkey
  • Good practices from Turkey will be collected and compiled
  • Visual and audio contents will be prepared in order to disseminate the good practices to the target group
  • The contents will be published on the online platform
  • A guide book for teachers will be prepared including the national and international good practices


  • Need assessment meetings were made with teachers.
  • Examples of in-class practices that support changemaker skills were found, compiled, and their videos were prepared. 
  • The platform was announced with the press meeting on 28 September2018. The prepared videos of practices were started to be shared on the platform.
  • The “Tips for Changemaker Classrooms” videos with expert opinions were also published on the platform because in the need recognition meetings, teachers emphasized needing to strengthen on these skills themselves.
  • The toolkit for promoting empathy in schools, prepared in Ashoka Global based on the experiences of social entrepreneurs who work in the field of education and children, was localized and translated into Turkish with the contributions of teachers from Turkey.


“The Changemaker Classrooms Project will first lead the creation of an environment of trust and hope for teachers, students and families. It’s proof that within the education system that is criticized by a large majority, another large majority creates to change and make a difference rather than just criticizing.” Özlem Mecit – Adapazarı Enka Elementary School Principal

“I started to apply [the activities in the toolkit]. We did its applied training with our class teachers; I’m working for its proliferation all over the school.” A Follower Who Completed the Evaluation Questionnaire

“It’s a website where I can find various practices and information that will allow me to be more beneficial to my students as a prospective teacher; having this kind of resource at my disposal is a very pleasing and motivating situation.” A Follower Who Completed the Evaluation Questionnaire

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