Changemaker Classrooms & Changemaker Parenting 2

Project Summary
Grantee: ASHOKA Foundation
Purpose: Supporting and scaling-up social and emotional learning skills in and out of schools
Location: Turkey
Grant Amount: 330.000 TL
Period: 2 January - 31 December 2018


Children and young people should be supported to develop changemaker skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, empathy, team work and responsibility, leadership and self-confidence so that they become individuals who take responsibility in today’s and tomorrow’s social problems, find innovative solutions and make positive contributions to the society. To improve these skills, it is not only necessary to reach examples of in-class practices, visualize and disseminate them for teachers, but also support parents to develop these skills in children outside of school environments.


  • New visual contents will be prepared to disseminate the examples of practices on the online platform. 
  • Existing contents will be transformed to face-to-face training modules with the contribution of education experts.
  • A research will be conducted to evaluate the perception of parents about social and emotional learning skills and their needs.
  • Materials will be prepared to share with parents through different platforms.
  • A communication campaign will be applied through which some practical and applicable tips will be shared with parents to support children’s changemaker skills.


  • 35 new examples of practices supporting changemaker skills in the classroom were made into videos and published on the platform. 
  • Face to face training modules for teachers were created to support changemaker skills and pilot implementations were conducted.
  • Online meetings were held to bring together the teachers who explain the practice they developed in the videos and the teachers who follow the platform, to open a space for deeper discussions on the practice examples.
  • The conference titled “Making Room for Emotions to Learn” was held with the participation of 400 people and a live broadcast reaching 1,500 people. After the event, where inspiring stories and approaches from Turkey and the world were explained, the videos of all the speeches were published on the website. 
  • Focus group discussions with different parent groups were carried out to guide the work towards parents. 
  • The Launch of the Parenting Changemakers Project was held with the participation of 150 people. 
  • Tips and suggestions to support changemaker skills towards parents were regularly shared on social media.


“The training should definitely reach more teachers. Thank you for making me feel hopeful, excited, alive, energetic and curious.” Changemaker Skills Teacher Training Participant

“In education, we usually focus on students’ academic achievements. We ignore the emotional development of the students. For the first time, I found information about emotionally supporting students on a website.” A Teacher Who Completed the Evaluation Questionnaire 

“It’s very happy and motivating to have such a resource at hand, where I can find a variety of practices and information that will make me more useful to my students as a teacher candidate.” A Teacher Who Completed the Evaluation Questionnaire

“A platform that will increase good practices and raise awareness about pushing aside teaching concerns to put children’s skills at the center.” A Teacher Who Completed the Evaluation Questionnaire 

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