Sabancı Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers program that aims to promote stories of people who contribute to the social development, continues with its 10th season!

Sabancı Foundation shares the stories of Turkey’s Changemakers since 2009, creates awareness and encourages others by inspiring. During 2009-2019 broadcast season, more than 2.600 individuals/projects have applied to be selected as Changemaker. Of these the Program’s Advisory Board selected 190 individuals/projects and prepared videos of each unique story. Changemakers program contines to give inspiration with new stories in its new season.

The latest video of Turkey’s Changemakers 10th season




Who is a Changemaker?

  • Changemakers are persons/institutions who;
  • Prefer to be a part of the solution in face of social problems,
  • Act as an active citizen,
  • Create innovative solutions for concreate and sustainable change,
  • Have an inspiring story.

What does a Changemaker Do?

  • Protects the environment.
  • Supports education and learning.
  • Contributes to economic development.
  • Supports public health.
  • Develops social justice.
  • Promotes civic participation.
  • Contributes to culture and arts.

How are Changemakers Nominated?

The application form is filled out. A person/an institution can nominate oneself/itself or another person/institution. APPLY NOW

How are Changemakers Selected?

  • Applicants who passed the preselection, have an interview on the phone or face to face.
  • The Advisory Board makes the final decision.

WhatHappens Next?

  • Videos that tell the stories of Changemakers are prepared.
  • Videos are broadcasted on social media and several news outlets.

Benefits of Being a Changemaker?

  • The Changemaker gains visibility and credibility.
  • Media attention to their work increases.
  • Volunteers and donations at the institution they work for increase.
  • The Changemaker gains access to the Changemaker’s network.
  • The Changemaker finds the opportunity to work with other Changemakers.
The Changemakers have the opportunity to work in partnership with other Changemakers APPLY NOW

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