Teachers Network

Project Summary
Grantee: Education Reform Initiative
Purpose: To support individual and professional development of teachers by bringing them together with the resources they need for empowerment, to create a teacher network consisting of different people and institutions who want to contribute to the empowerment of teachers
Location: Turkey
Grant Amount: 550.000 TL
Project Partners: Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), Aydın Doğan Foundation, ENKA Foundation, Mehmet Zorlu Foundation and Vehbi Koç Foundation
February - December 2018


Interviews conducted with teachers to analyze the current situation indicate that; teachers feel under pressure, they are disturbed by the lack of autonomy, and they find in-service trainings and resources provided for their self-improvement insufficient. They feel disturbed by the fact that being a teacher is discredited. They feel lonely, and as a consequence of all these factors they lose motivation and fall in despair. In addition, they underline the difficulty of being a teacher in an environment where they cannot communicate with each other or get any feedback. This constitutes an important barrier in front of student success and improvement of education quality. Regarding these facts, teacher empowerment emerges as a significant need.

The pilot process of the project began with 48 volunteer teachers, and today the activities continue with 200 teachers. Using the method of design thinking, in groups, teachers search for solutions on problems around them. They design projects related to individual diversity, creativity, inclusive learning, rights-based education and improvement of village schools. In addition, teachers gather around several activities and workshops, and share experiences.

Since two years, through its activities and events in various cities such as Adana, Bursa, Çanakkale, Denizli, İstanbul, İzmir, Muğla, Tokat, Van, Teachers Network project reached more than 5,000 teachers. Through the workshops and events that continue all over Turkey, local Teachers Networks began to be formed in various cities. 


  • Individual and professional improvement of teachers will be supported.
  • A core learning community of institutions and people interested in the empowerment of teachers will be formed.
  • A digital platform, and a holistic content and activity mechanism which will respond to the individual and professional needs of the community will be formed.
  • Supporting the communication and interaction of all individuals in the community, especially those of teachers.
  • Bringing together teachers and experts from various disciplines and encouraging collaborations.
  • Supporting the capacity of teachers on planning, developing and managing projects.
  • Developing the history of the community, as well as the communication strategy of actual and future activities.

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