2006 Second Evaluation Meeting (Istanbul Sabanci Center) - 5 December 2006
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2006 Second Evaluation Meeting (Istanbul Sabanci Center) - 5 December 2006 2006 Second Evaluation Meeting (Istanbul Sabanci Center) - 5 December 2006 2006 Second Evaluation Meeting (Istanbul Sabanci Center) - 5 December 2006 2006 Second Evaluation Meeting (Istanbul Sabanci Center) - 5 December 2006

The second semi-annual evaluation meeting of the United Nations Joint Program was held at Istanbul Sabanci Center on 5 December 2006 with the participation of program partners, Governors’ Offices, the Offices of the Mayors, Non-Governmental Organizations and the representatives of the donor countries. At the meeting the attendees were informed about the studies conducted in relation to the program.


The Minister of Internal Affairs, Abdulkadir Aksu, who attended the meeting with his wife, expressed in his speech that "The women’s rights issue a struggle that goes parallel with the acceptance of democracy as a life style.  Ensuring equality between men and women is considered a ‘must-have’ of social justice.”


Aksu mentioned the recent legal changes that were implemented towards social gender equality and stated that their goal was to create a happy individual-peaceful society. Aksu added that the Joint Program provided valuable contribution to these efforts.


Hosting the meeting, Guler Sabanci, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Sabanci Foundation, stated that women’s rights were actually a human rights issue and that consequently they were the concern of the whole society.  Ms. Sabanci added that as a Foundation they were proud to be participating in the Joint Program.


Guler Sabanci noted that the Sabanci Foundation has completed several projects in various parts of the country and in various fields such as education, wellness and culture, all geared towards the social development of Turkey. The Foundation has also made significant investments, especially in the field of education, to help relieve the public sector of some of its burden. Sabanci stated, “When we take into consideration the realities of the world we live in and the conditions of our country, we believe that now multi-dimensional and multilateral projects should be implemented. As such, our Foundation regards this program as one that can have a more permanent impact on large masses and make a difference in their lives and we, as the Foundation, are proud to take part in this program".


UNFPA Deputy Representative of Turkey, Tunga Tuzer, stated that the troubles in the application “prevented the women and the girls from benefiting properly from their rights under the social security” and that the participation of women in labor force was still at the rate of approximately one forth.

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