2007 First Evaluation Meeting (Sanliurfa El-Ruha Hotel) - 30 May 2007
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2007 Evaluation Meeting was held in two sessions. In the morning session, stakeholders emphasized the particularity of the Program that envisages UN, public, private and civil society partnership. The progress of the joint program was discussed in during the afternoon session. Discussions were based on the six-month review report which was distributed to the participants.


Yusuf Yavascan; Governor of Sanliurfa, Guler Sabanci; President of the Board of Trustees of Sabanci Foundation, Tunga Tuzer; UNFPA Representative ai/OIC, Mustafa Coggun; Ministry of Interior UNJP National Director, Husnu Pacacioglu; General Manager of the Haci Omer Sabanci Foundation as well as the governors of the six program cities participated in the meeting.


Yusuf Yavascan, the governor of Sanliurfa, expressed his pleasure about Sanliurfa being one of the cities in which the Joint Program is implemented. He emphasized that equal representation of women as much as men should be attained.  Mr. Yavascan expressed the fact that 19.4 percent of women are illiterate and 4.4 percent of women are represented in the parliament at the present day. Pointing out that these rates are much less in local level, he denoted that much work has to be done in order to address these deficiencies.


Ms. Guler Sabanci emphasized that the concept of empowering women has evolved since the beginning of the Joint Program. She said “Today women are working with NGOs and local managements to discuss issues and solutions to these problems.”  Pointing out that Sabanci Foundation Grant Program will support distinguished projects prepared as part of the Local Equality Action Plans within the context of the Joint Program, Ms. Guler Sabanci reported that 67 applications were received for the 2007 grant programme. She stated: “The core objective of Sabanci Foundation Grant Program is to allocate resources through grant making to the implementation projects that will support the local equality action plans in six cities that the program is implemented in. Another objective is to form sustainable examples regarding Women-Friendly Cities and to enable implementation in other cities as well.”


Ministry of Interior UNJP National Director Mustafa Coggun stated they set their main objective as women and men committing to social issues equally. Regarding the solutions to the problems of women and girls, Coggun emphasized that the priority should be to eradicate gender inequalities. He said "There should be cooperation for bringing up solutions to the problems. Everyone should develop a woman’s perspective inside. We can highly contribute to solving the problem if we can remind people of the fact that everyone has a wife, a mother, a sister or a daughter."


Tunga Tuzer, UNFPA Representative ai/OIC, pointed out that women and girls in Turkey are facing great challenges. He said “We are aware of the problems that women are struggling with. We have facilities and resources to bring solutions to these problems. At this point, the grantmaking program of Sabanci Foundation is very important. Mr. Tuzer also emphasized that; all the UN Agencies operating in Turkey supported the UNJP and it is the first program that has brought together public sector, NGOs and private sector. He underlined that all partners will focus on the implementation of local equality action plans and the establishment of criteria for Women Friendly Cities over the next six months.

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