Purple Certificate Program - 2010
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Purple Certificate Program - 2010 Purple Certificate Program - 2010 Purple Certificate Program - 2010 Purple Certificate Program - 2010

Organized by the Sabanci University, the fourth cycle of the Purple Certificate Program took place between June 29 - July 3 2010.


The opening meeting and first lecture took place on June 29 2010 with the participation of the Ministry of Education Service Training Department Director Ahmet Fikret Bayrakli, Istanbul Provincial Education Director Muammer Yildiz, Guler Sabanci, Chairman of Sabanci Foundation Board of Trustees and the Rector of Sabanci University Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker.


Sabanci Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Guler Sabanci, delivered the opening speech and stated “With the 54 teachers that will receive the Purple Certificate training this year, we will have reached a total of 1553 high school teachers. Teachers with Purple Certificates are more aware of gender issues and can communicate the topic in a more sensitive and knowledgeable manner.


Additionally, with the multiplier effect, thousands of students and teachers are being informed about gender issues. Our teachers, who have realized this, come running to the Purple Certificate Program.”


In his speech, Rector of the Sabanci University Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker said that “through ‘educating the educator’ we will reach our students, and with each student we will cultivate a young population that will promote and strive to achieve gender awareness and equality.”


The program aimed to provide training on gender equality and women’s and children’s rights for 53 teachers from İzmir, Kars, Nevsehir, Trabzon, Van, Sanliurfa and Istanbul.


The topics in the 4th Purple Certificate Program include:

  • Gender and Feminism
  • From Theory to Practice: Gender Equality in the Education System
  • Talking About Violence: Violence, Sexual Violence and the Effects of Violence on People's Psychological Health
  • Violence and Harassment Towards Women and Children
  • Laws Against Violence Towards Women
  • Sexual Harassment Workshop
  • Violence Against Women and the Law
  • Gender in Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Gender in Literature
  • Writing History With a Feminist Perspective
  • Being a Woman in Sickness and in Health: Sexism in the Medical Sector
  • “Good Examples in Education” “Rights to an Education and Rights in Education”
  • Gender in Text-Books Workshop
  • Gender and the Media
  • Women and their Relation to Information
  • Adolescence and Gender
  • Gender and Taboo Roles
  • Gender and Psychology


Activities of the Purple Certificate Program (February - July 2010)

Date Activity
23 February - 22 May 2010

“Introduction to Gender” Workshops in the 3 Cities

Introduction to Gender workshops were held with high school teachers in Izmir, Sanliurfa and Van. The workshops included sections such as “gender awareness games”, “gender mind-mapping”, “gender critical analysis of a text or an image”. In addition to workshops follow-up meetings with the participants of the Purple Certificate Program were held. A total of 188 high school teachers attended the meetings.

8 March 2010 Attendance of The Panel Discussion for International Women’s Day

A discussion panel was organized by Istanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education which focused on women’s human rights in Atasehir Zubeyde Hanim Teacher Center on 8th March 2010.

In the panel where all high school teachers in Istanbul and district directors of national education attended, Ayse Yuksel from the Purple Certificate Program gave a presentation regarding the objectives, progress and activities of the Purple Certificate Program.
29 March 2010 Sabanci University Gender and Women’s Studies Forum” was Established

Sabanci University Gender and Women’s Studies Forum’s opening meeting was organized with the participation of Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker, the Rector of Sabanci University, 70 Sabanci University members and students on 29 March 2010. The purpose of this Forum is to provide a common discussion and collaboration platform to all Sabanci University members who are interested in gender and women’s studies. For more information: genderforum.sabanciuniv.edu/en

17 April 2010 Workshop in ERI “The Best Practices in Education” Conference
“The Best Practices in Education” Conference, which has been organized by ERI annually to bring together innovative examples by focusing on alternative teacher-training models took place on 17 April 2010. A workshop on Gender issues took place in the conference and moderated by Ayse Yuksel and Olcay Ozer from Sabanci University, Purple Certificate Program.
29 June - 3 July 2010

The 4rd Purple Certificate Program

The fourth cycle of the Purple Certificate Program carried out by Sabanci University took place on 29 June - 3 July 2010. 53 High school teachers from the 6 provinces (Izmir, Kars, Nevsehir, Trabzon, Sanliurfa and Van) and 3 Equality Unit Representatives from Izmir, Sanliurfa and Van attended the Purple Certificate Program. 206 attendees successfully completed the program and were awarded “Purple Certificates” since 2007.


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