2014 Selected Grants
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Applications under the 2014 Social Development Grant Program were received from 3 January to 21 February 2014 and the final results were announced on 2 July 2014.


9 projects targeting women, youth and persons with disabilities were selected to be financed under the 2014 Social Development Grant Program.



The program attracted 325 applications from 63 cities around Turkey. The applications were first evaluated by the Sabanci Foundation staff, external experts and then a Selection Committee consisting of NGO, Academia and Media representatives Cihan Yavuz, Idil Isil Gul, Mehves Evin, Nur Otaran, Selma Acuner and Yoruk Kurtaran for final review. As a result of the evaluation process, 9 projects were approved by the Board of Trustees of the Sabanci Foundation.



1 Initiative of University Students with Disabilities Association of Persons with Visual Impairments in Education Social Participation, Social Justice Persons with Disabilities, Youth
2 Rights-Based Struggle of Women with Disabilities Phase 3 Association of Women with Disabilities Social Participation Persons with Disabilities, Women
3 Fighting Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities in the Education System Bilgi University Sociology and Education Implementation and Research Center Social Justice Persons with Disabilities
4 Education Without Labels Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association Social Justice Youth
5 Empowering Young Women in Rural Areas Mother Child Education Foundation Social Participation Women, Youth
6 Say No to Child Abuse Mus Women’s Roof Association Social Justice Women, Youth
7 Welcome Baby National Down Syndrome Association Social Participation, Social Justice Persons with Disabilities
8 Monitoring Group for Disability Rights Social Rights and Research Association Social Participation, Social Justice Persons with Disabilities
9 That’s Our Village Over There Women Center Foundation Siirt Office Social Participation Women


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