Adnan Celik (Season 01 - Episode 26)
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This Week's Changemaker; Adnan Celik Promotes Youth Development in Diyarbakir


On 11 April 2010 Sabanci Foundation's "Turkey's Changemakers" program hosts Adnan Celik, an elementary school teacher, who develops projects on non-violence among youth. 


Adnan Celik is an elementary school teacher in Kulp in Diyarbakir, which is a small town in Southeastern Turkey. He works for the youth in Diyarbakir and tries to bring them a positive perspective. Adnan Celik has prepared projects, organized festivals, written books and worked as the editor of a local web site for the 5 years that he has worked in Kulp. He develops projects to prevent negative impacts of terror incidents on the youth in Diyarbakir and works with several NGOs such as Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) and Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG).


Adnan Celik also established the first local branch of Community Volunteers. He prepared two projects, "Eco-Schools" and "Green Box", to raise awareness in schools on the environment. Another one of Celik's project s aims to prevent violence among the youth through non-violent actions. Adnan Celik also suggested the idea of organizing a "Cocoon Cultural Festival" in Kulp, where the half of the cocoon production in Turkey is made.


Currently Community Volunteers in Kulp has more than 200 volunteers. Adnan Celik's project about preventing violence among youth through non-violent actions was selected as the best practice in "Best Practices in Education Conference" organized by Education Reform Initiative, a project of the Istanbul Policy Center based at the Sabanci University. With the Bosphorus University, Adnan Celik also coordinated "Peace Starts at the Individual Level Summer Project" in the summer of 2009 where 100 children participated in workshops on peace education.

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