Ahmet Besim Toker (Season 01 - Episode 13)
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This Week's Changemaker; Ahmet Besim Toker Helps Families with Members that Have Disabilities

On 27 December 2009 Sabanci Foundation's "Turkey's Changemakers"  program hosts Ahmet Besim Toker, who founded the Narlidere Foundation for the Protection and Support of the Mentally Disabled in 1999 and the Narlidere Education and Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled in 2006. Toker is still actively working at the Foundation and the Rehabilitation Center and also as a psychological consultant for the Narlidere Municipality in Izmir.


At the Narlidere Foundation for the Protection and Support, Ahmet Besim Toker and his friends develop projects from which persons with disabilities and their families can benefit from. These projects address special education and rehabilitation services, physiotherapy and assistance in various areas such as health, law employment and social services. Meanwhile, at the Narlidere Education and Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, persons with disabilities can benefit from financial, social and legal assistance opportunities and social activities such as concerts, field trips and panels. Ahmet Besim Toker developed a project where people with disabilities received training on "how to apply for a job", "how to prepare a CV", "legal rights of persons with disabilities" and on "personal development". In this project, they established contact with employers interested in hiring persons with disabilities and matched them with potential employees. Candidates eligible for an interview were picked up from their homes and transported to their interviews.


Toker's latest project provides families of children with disabilities with a daycare center where they can leave their children. Children attending this center are provided with educational assistance and social activities.

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