Alev Zehir (Season 04 - Episode 07)
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"The Life" Is In The Hands Of The Youth Raised Under Legal Protection 


The new Changemaker of Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program is Alev Zehir who works for the young persons and children raised under legal protection and tries to integrate them into life.


Alev Zehir established the “Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association” together with her friends who were raised under legal protection like her. Saying that there are tens of thousands of people growing up under legal protection, Alev Zehir aims to change the negative perception placed upon them by the society and show that they are individuals creating social and economic benefits.

Until today, the “Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association” chaired by Alev Zehir has organized different activities for 500 young people such as leadership, personal image in business life, ways of managing family budget, negotiation and mediation, communication and body language. The Association has also organized the Career Festival.


She is also planning to disseminate the Foster Family System

Alev Zehir, born in Ankara in 1989, was raised by a foster family under legal protection. This situation enabled her to receive a good education and integrate better into the society.


Therefore, after institutionalizing the “Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association”, Alev Zehir is planning to work for the dissemination of the Foster Family System by founding the Ankara Foster Family Association.  

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