Arzu Kayki (Season 01 - Episode 18)
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This Week's Changemaker; Arzu Kayki Provides Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS


On 31 January 2010 Sabanci Foundation's "Turkey's Changemakers" program hosts Arzu Kayki, Chair of the Positive Life  Association who mobilized her team  to  physically, mentally and socially  empower  HIV/AIDS patients and their families.


Arzu Kayki graduated from environmental engineering. Instead of working as an engineer, she chose to pursue her career in civil society sector. She started to work in Positive Living Association in 2006 and since 2009 she has been the head of the Association. Positive Living Association has been working for people living with HIV/AIDS and their relatives to support them physically, psychologically and socially, to carry out advocacy activities in case of violation of their legal rights and to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS in Turkey.


Till today Positive Living Association has reached 400 people living with HIV/AIDS. As a result of the support services, 11 couples living with HIV had HIV negative babies. Several people living with HIV started their lawsuit processes whereas many others who do not have social security were informed about free treatment provided by the state, and had access to the treatment. Also, the support center has helped them to strengthen their immune system, and informed about the medication usage and its importance through medical support and group therapies.


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