Ataturk and Cadet Monument - Ankara
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Ataturk and Cadet Monument - Ankara Ataturk and Cadet Monument - Ankara

The Ataturk and War Academy Monument was constructed in memory of Ataturk’s centennial anniversary. Located at the entrance of the Turkish Military Academy, the monument stands 24 meters in height and 6 meters in width.  The monument is a symbolic representation of Ataturk’s leadership in training senior Army officials and the important place of the War Academy in Turkey’s capital, Ankara.


With over 1000 human figures depicted, the monument reflects the image of Ataturk, Modern Turkey’s founding father. Behind him and following in his leadership, are young cadets and War Academy students.


Various artists were invited to submit sketches for the monument. Artist Tankut Oktem’s project was selected by the President of the Republic of Turkey, who is also the Commander in Chief of the Turkish Armed Forces.


Commissioned in 1981 and completed with the support of the Sabancı Foundation in 1986, the monument is the most significant of its kind in both size and design.


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