Life House (Yasamevi) Women’s Solidarity Association: Awareness Raising on Domestic Violence
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Project Summary

Grantee: Life House (Yasamevi) Women’s Solidarity Association

Province: Sanliurfa

Grant Amount: 14.200 TL  

Partner(s): Provincial Directorate of Social Services, Provincial Office of the Mufti, Sanliurfa Bar Association, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Provincial Health Directorate

Duration: 1 December 2007 – 31 August 2008


Target Audience

100 students attending senior year in Gazi High School, and their families in the town of Eyupnebi in Sanliurfa, a location where there was never any activity geared towards gender equality

Project Goal

To raise the awareness of victims of violent acts about their rights; to erase any misconceptions with respect to honor which are thought to stem from religion; and to raise social awareness about the significance of human life and similar issues. The overall purpose is to raise social awareness about violence inflicted on women and that homicide for the sake of honor is actually violence that is in no way approved or accepted by the Muslim faith.

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