Basri Koylu (Season 07 - Episode 14)
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An extraordinary treatment for schizophrenia patients


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal emotions, thoughts, social behavior and failure to understand reality. Even though schizophrenia is used as a sarcastic expression most of the time, it is actually a serious mental disorder. Today, medical community declares that approximately 1% of the world population suffers from this illness. In Turkey, this figure is estimated to be around 600 thousand. In addition to medical treatments, complementary treatment methods are also being proposed to schizophrenia patients. Art therapies in psychiatry are well-developed especially in Europe and the US. However, these treatment methods are not well-known in Turkey.


Basri Koylu is a psychiatrist at Aksaray State Hospital. For a while now, he applies drama therapy to patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. The theater group solely composed of schizophrenia patients and named “I am Also Here” staged 20 plays in Aksaray and other cities under the leadership of Basri Koylu within one year. After drama therapy applied by Basri Koylu, the change in patients has been noticed by patients’ relatives. Many patients’ drug treatment has been reduced to minimum levels.


Basri Koylu applied drama therapy, which is a rare treatment method, to schizophrenia patients. He helped society to become free from prejudices, and patients to improve relationships and socialize again. He made a huge difference both in the lives of schizophrenia patients and their families, and in the world of psychiatry.  

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