Izmir Bornova Municipality: Bed & Breakfast Lodges in Bornova: Economic Empowerment for Women
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Project Summary

Grantee: Izmir Bornova Municipality

Province: Izmir

Grant Amount: 8.500 TL  

Partner(s): Yasar University, Bornova Village Authorities (Yakakoy and Ciceklikoy)

Duration: 1 September 2008 – 30 April 2009


Target Audience

25 women to be selected among women who reside in Bornova villages

Project Summary

The scenic beauties of Bornova and Yaka and Cicekli villages, attract local residents in Izmir and other surrounding cities over the weekends. However, due to lack of accommodation, local tourists can only stay for the day. The business of village lodging (bed and breakfast) is a good opportunity for Bornova villages and for the village women to be economically empowered. Lodgings offer the visitors the opportunity to experience traditional village life without disrupting the natural structure of the villages. Through this project 25 women who live in Bornova villages will be trained in developing their residences as bed and breakfast lodges ultimately making a contribution to the economic empowerment and employment of women in Bornova.

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