Best Practices in Education Conference - 2 April 2016
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Sabanci Foundation has provided support for the Best Practices in Education Conference in Education Reform Initiative.


Since 2004, 14.140 participants have been convening around 1537 best practices and material samples within the scope of Best Practices in Education Conferences. The Conference, held for the 13th time on April 2, 2016 aims at generating new platforms that will enable educators to get together to share their creations and best practices. In addition to presentations of best practices, the conference program is enriched with workshops, banner presentations, which set the stage for face-to-face dialogue among participants across of various educational topics. The conferences allow participants such as the representatives of the Ministry of Education, teachers, academics, representatives from civil society organizations, parents, representatives from private sector with a stake in education, and students to collaborate and communicate across different fields of study and different levels.


The 13th Annual Best Practices in Education took place on April 2, 2016 in Tuzla Campus of Sabanci University.


The Conference received a total of 928 applications from the fields of Innovative Practices in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Early Childhood Education, Tackling Discrimination in Education, Parent Involvement in Education, Learning and School Environment, School - Enterprise Cooperation in Vocational and Technical Education, Guidance and Special Education. Opening session was held in memory of Tosun Terzioğlu with the participation of CNN Turk Economy Chief Editor Emin Capa, Ass. Prof. Kağan Kurşungöz from Sabancı University and Chairman of the Executive Board of Education Reform Initiative Üstün Ergüder. The theme was "Respect for Science".65 oral presentations and 30 poster presentations selected by the members of the conference selection committee were shared with 1.250 participants.


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