Flying Broom Association: Child Brides
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Project Summary


Grantee: Flying Broom Association         

Purpose: Raising awareness on Early Child Marriages

Location: 54 cities  

Grant Amount: 268.000 TL

Period: 15 April 2010 - 15 October 2011



Marriage of children at early age victimizes many girls and women in Turkey. According to the research of Hurriyet, the newspaper, approximately there are 1 million child brides in Turkey. According to the Directorate of Women Status research, nearly 40% of women are married before the age of 18. (Flying Broom, 2009)


Project Results

  • 20.000 women, men and children in 54 cities participated in film screenings and seminars to discuss the impact of early marriages.
  • The project team met with 123 NGOs and 199 local government officials to discuss the issue of early marriages.
  • A press conference was held with the participation of 7 press representatives and Guldal Aksit, head of the Commission on Gender Equality within the Parliament.
  • Burhan Sesen wrote a song to contribute to the campaign.
  • A survey of 32 questions and interviews on early marriages was conducted in 10 cities. The data was published in the Early Child Marriages Report.
  • A 30 minute documentary film was prepared.
  • A book summarizing the stories of the 54 city visits / screenings and discussions in seminars was published.
  • The petition against child marriages was extended through internet and social media and will be submitted to Turkish Grand National Assembly on March 8, 2012.
  • Awareness has been created in public institutions about the insufficiency of quantitative and qualitative data on child marriages. The project team has initiatied discussions with the Directorate General on the Status of Women and State Planning Organization to conduct a comprehensive research on child marriages throughout Turkey.
  • With the support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and collaboration of Ministry of National Education, additional film screenings and seminars were organized in various primary and high schools in all districts of Ankara.



“We warn the girls in classes; we tell them if the boys are studying once, you should study twice. Always be free. Because a woman who has her own economic freedom is always free, more determined and well positioned in life.”

High School Teacher,Tunceli

“A young girl could be forced in to marriage on her parents will. The municipality could intervene until the girl becomes 18. It might be difficult but it is possible...” 

Seminar Participant, Yozgat


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