Flying Broom Association: Child Brides 3
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Flying Broom Association: Child Brides 3 Flying Broom Association: Child Brides 3 Flying Broom Association: Child Brides 3 Flying Broom Association: Child Brides 3

Project Summary

Grantee: Flying Broom Association

Purpose: Development of local mechanisms aimed at ending child marriages and protecting young girls

Location: Konya

Grant Amount: 225.000 TL

Period: 8 July 2013 – 7 July 2014



There are no mechanisms providing services to prevent child marriages in local communities. Service providers are not aware of their responsibilities regarding child marriages. Local stakeholders should work in cooperation on this topic.


Project Goals

  • In Konya:
    • Interviews will be conducted with women married before 18 and local service providers (doctors, community leaders, teachers, gendarmerie etc).
    • Needs of service providers will be determined.
    • A training module for service providers will be prepared and implemented.
    • An action plan will be prepared so that the relevant service providers can collaborate on child marriages.

Project Results

  • 3 districts of Konya province were selected: Meram, Karatay, Cihanbeyli for pilot project implementation.
  • Factors related to poverty, religious beliefs and migration affected the selection of these districts.
  • With the support of the governor, more than 100 representatives coming from 11 public institutions were interviewed in 3 districts of Konya.   
  • Information collected from the field was organized in a needs-assessment report.
  • Since child marriage has not been perceived as an issue among the public officials, meetings were organized in order to inform them more on the issue.


"When I went to Konya I knew that early and forced marriages was a big issue. Still, I literally hit a wall after the focus group meetings. The wall is primeval, the wall is strong and new times bring new walls. It is a tough struggle, we have to act fast and multilateral."

Project Consultant


"It was a good project to create awareness; I stand by your side. It should be implemented in other locations. State and NGOs should take the issue to a broader context. The issue is within our jurisdiction, it concerns us. It would be effective to discuss the issue with other ministries and departments and make collaborations."

Project Beneficiary


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