Cinardibi Cultural Center (Season 04 - Episode 17)
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A Cultural Center At The Heart Of A Quarter


This week’s Changemaker is Cinardibi Cultural Center founded by Devrim Boran and his friends in Kazim Karabekir quarter of Umraniye district in Istanbul which is among the regions with highest immigration rates. 


In 2006, Devrim Boran and his friends published the “Cinardibi Magazine” in order to increase the cultural and social activities of the district they live in. The magazine was named after the quarter and contained the writings of the inhabitants. It was sold in the quarter without any fixed price; everybody paid whatever they could afford.


With the revenue from the magazine, 200 women and children were taken to the theatre for the first time in their lives. Devrim Boran and his friends now continue their activities in Cinardibi Cultural Center which was founded under the motto “with hope, with love, with dream”. Among the activities held in the center, there are solidarity festivals, football tournaments, winter and summer school, indoor and outdoor cinema events and chess tournaments.


Until today, almost 250 persons worked voluntarily and 1,000 persons participated in the activities of Cinardibi Cultural Center that has introduced various social and cultural activities to the people living in the quarter. The center now has 160 active members. Most of the events organized by Cinardibi Cultural Center are free and open to everyone.

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