Community Service Bus - Hakkari
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Community Service Bus - Hakkari Community Service Bus - Hakkari Community Service Bus - Hakkari Community Service Bus - Hakkari

The “Community Service Bus” was designed collaboratively by the Sabanci Foundation and TEMSA in order to provide individual development and cultural services conducted through Hakkari Municipality Social Services Department to the citizens in remote areas. The bus has been delivered to Hakkari Municipality on 3 September 2007.


Focusing on social development, Hakkari Community Center predominantly takes place in projects targeting women and girls. With the “Community Service Bus”, education and cultural programs conducted by the Community Center  will be provided to the people living in remote areas. The bus was designed as a national and international model.


Some of the projects that will be provided through the “Community Service Bus” are: literacy courses, kitchen economy and healthy nutrition classes for housewives, pre-school education, social cultural activities, and informative works. The program aims to reach 25.000 people living in Hakkari city center and its districts in 6 months. It is also possible for NGOs actively working in the area to collaborate with Hakkari Municipality to develop new projects.


The interior of the bus was designed uniquely so that programs can be conducted comfortably and conveniently. The bus includes desks, blackboards, a computer, projector, bookshelves, copy machine, a printer, a kitchen, and a bathroom.


Ercan Atalay,  Scholarships, Awards and Facilities Specialist of the Sabancı Foundation delivered the “Community Service Bus” to Selahattin Keskin, Hakkari Municipality Social Servies Department Manager.


During the ceremony held in TEMSA’s Showroom in the Adana Plant, Mr. Ercan Atalay stated that “The Community Service Bus costs 100.000 TL and was designed in a unique way by Temsa and the Sabancı Foundation.”


Since September 2007, a fully-equipped community bus with a staff team has been travelling the neighborhoods of Hakkari, educating women on various issues such as breast cancer.

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