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Cancellation Of Scholarship

Following the graduation of the scholarship holders, the scholarships are automatically terminated.

In addition, following students will be dropped from the scholarship list:

  • Those students who fail or repeat courses
  • Those students dismissed from the school, or transferred to another higher education institution without the consent of the Foundation Management
  • Those students receiving scholarship from another institution, person or organization as a financial aid when he is simultaneously on the scholarship program of Sabanci Foundation (except for those students on state financial credit and on scholarships provided for handicapped students )
  • Those students making a misstatement due to any reason whatsoever
  • Those students suspending their academic program for a semester or temporarily
  • Those students committing an act that requires disciplinary action
  • Those students transferred to one of the universities in which Sabanci Foundation does not have scholarship quota
  • Those students who does not give the required information and documents at the expected time

Exceptional Cases and Re-eligibility:

A student meeting following criteria will be admitted back to the scholarship program:

  • If the student suffered a disciplinary penalty which is no longer valid, the student is allowed to go back to her/his academic program
  • If the student who fails or repeats courses passes to the next level in the next academic year (however, a student that repeats any academic year for two times without any justifiable reason will not be re-eligible)
  • If the foundation is notified that the university is responsible for the delay in delivering necessary documents (on the condition that the cancellation period of the scholarship does not exceed one semester)
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