Nevsehir Governorship, Directorate of City Social Services: Crisis Intervention Team
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Project Summary

Grantee: Nevsehir Governorship, Directorate of City Social Services

Province: Nevşehir

Grant Amount: 7.200 TL

Partner(s): Directorate of City Social Services, Local Health Department, Local Public Education Department, Local Police Department, Nevsehir Bar and Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Nevsehir Municipality

Duration: 1 September 2008 – 31 July 2009


Target Audience

Women and young girls who are and have been subject to violence, who are under future risk and who attempted suicide.

Project Summary

Within the scope of this project, a "Crisis Intervention Team" will be established. This multi-disciplinary team will obtain training and develop a procedure to establish coordination among different municipal services which at some point are involved with victims of violence (those who attempt or may attempt suicide, and their family members) in order to ensure rapid response and effective coordination for intervention and follow up. The team will include a doctor, a nurse, a social service expert, a psychologist, police, a sociologist and a lawyer. The ultimate goal is to lower the rates of violence and suicide of women, which are exceptionally high in this province.

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