Different Melodies of the Same Land (Season 06 - Episode 06)
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Children of Anatolia with 12 Languages


Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program continues in its 6th season to share the unique stories of extraordinary people who contribute to the social development. The sixth Changemaker of the 6th season is ‘Different Melodies of the Same Land Choir’ under the leadership of Ufuk Gokcan.


Different Melodies of the Same Land Choir is formed of students under the leadership of music teacher Ufuk Gokcan. A choir was established with 32 students from primary, secondary and high schools within the scope of the project. The students started singing songs in 12 languages, which are Turkish, Georgian, Circassian, Laz, Arabic, Armenian, Macedonian, Crimean Turkish, Albanian, Romanian, Zazaish and Azerbaijani. 32 students, 20 of which were coming from 8 different villages, memorized the songs in different languages and learned to pronounce the words correctly in four months. The concerts of the choir started in Samsun and continued in Istanbul.


Different Melodies of the Same Land Choir arose from the dreams of an idealist teacher. It revitalized the socio-culturally underdeveloped district. Dreams of hundreds of students, who participated in the choir, are changed and their horizons are widened. The choir, which revealed Anatolia’s thousands of years of culture, created a big difference in the cultural development of children, as well as in the lives of their families…

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