Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association: Education Without Labels
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Project Summary

Grantee: Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association

Purpose: Fighting against labeling of young people who were raised in government care in the education system

Locations: Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Erzincan, Gaziantep, İstanbul, İzmir, Kayseri, Samsun

Grant Amount: 169,845 TL

Project Partner: Teachers Academy Foundation, Agenda Child Association, Istanbul Foster Family Association, Denizli Foster Family Association

Period: 15 September 2014 – 13 July 2015



Young people who were raised in government care are labeled by teachers and parents in the education system. This results in drop out between 14-16 age group.


Project Goals

  • Best practices around the world on fighting labeling in the education system will be researched.
  • Interviews will be conducted with families, people who were raised in government care and other interested parties.
  • Data gathered through research and interviews will feed in a training program for teachers.
  • Teachers who participated in the training will inform other teachers in their provinces.
  • Public awareness will be raised on the issue through various communication activities.


Project Results

  • Interviews were conducted with families, people who were raised in government care, social workers, and teachers. A total of 123 participants attended the interviews and the analysis of the data was shared with a report.
  • A training program was created to fight against discrimination towards students raised under government care. The training program was implemented to 30 teachers from 10 different provinces of Turkey.
  • Informative meetings were arranged with 43 teachers, school administrators and 82 families on gender issues and communication with adolescence. 
  • 30 teachers participated in the training later implemented the program to 882 new teachers from 9 different provinces of Turkey.
  • An informatory booklet was prepared especially designed for teachers on being a child under government protection.



"In my opinion this project’s most important impact was to raise inform the teachers about the children raised under government projection and raise awareness. I hope this impact will last longer and that they find the chance to continue their education without labeling."

Project Coordinator


"I believe I owe it to life to have a more meaningful existence myself and to help children in government care gain equal rights. In this journey, I found out that some of our most casual remarks are actually offensive words that wound the other person. Labeling starts in our daily language. We are all either perpetrators or victims of labeling… “A child changes, the world changes.” I hope the education without labels journey will continue in new places, change more lives and build new bridges."

Teacher, Project Beneficiary


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