Turkish Red Crescent, Erzincan Branch: Empowering Mothers of Disabled Children
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Project Summary

Grantee: Turkish Red Crescent, Erzincan Branch

Purpose: Awareness Raising on Gender Equality

Province: Erzincan

Grant Amount: 34.200 TL

Partner(s): None

Project Duration: 1 September 2014 – 31 March 2015



It is very traumatic for families to make the diagnosis that their children is disabled mentally or physically. Such families go under tremendous stress and the anxiety levels of mothers of such children are usually higher. The stress and depression levels of mothers with disabled children are usually higher than those without disabled children. Fathers of disabled children go under depression more frequently and experience addictions of various sorts. They show a tendency to practice domestic violence against their wives more often. Hence, mothers of disabled children who live an isolated life and who are mostly unaware of their rights should be empowered.


Project Goals

- Awareness raising programs for 100 mothers of disabled children and 20 disabled women on the conditions that create and sustain violence against women

- Treatment and rehabilitation services to 100 mothers of disabled children and 20 disabled women who have undergone violence as well as to the perpetrators of violence

- Creation of cooperation mechanisms between institutions which provide for disabled people

- An information sharing meeting for 500 families with disabled children on violence against women


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