Ordu Association of Empowering Women: Empowering Women’s CSOs in Ordu
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Project Summary

Grantee: Ordu Association of Empowering Women

Purpose: Strengthening Cooperation Between Women’s CSOs

Province: Ordu

Grant Amount: 34.950 TL

Partner(s): Ordu Association of Professionals, Gulsultan Association of Strengthening Women, Association of Education Culture Art and Women’s Solidarity, Ordu Municipality, Ordu Urban Council, Ordu Bar Association, Ordu Folk Education Centre

Duration: 1 October 2013 – 30 September 2014



According to Institute of Statistics, the total population of Ordu is 714.390 (356.675 men and 357.715 women). Despite this population, the number of women’s CSOs operating in Ordu is only 5. With a population mostly residing in rural areas, these CSOs are operating with very limited resources. Since these CSOs do not have proper experience in leading projects with a human rights perspective, they fall short of formulating policies for the solution of women’s immediate problems and they fall short of channelling their demands into formal decision making processes. The most common problems experienced by CSOs are fund-raising, strategy formulation, institutionalization, expanding their volunteer base, managing the volunteers. CSOs in Ordu need trainings on how to improve the institutional and technical capacity of their organization and how to advance cooperation with other CSOs in their field.


Project Targets

- 5 women’s CSOs will improve their knowledge and technical capacity with proper trainings.

- The target group is 385 women who are members of these 5 CSOs.

- 30 female members of 5 CSOs will receive training of trainers on selected topics.

- The selected topics of the trainings are computer skills, marital rights, gender equality, CSO management, project cycle management, strategic planning.

- At the end of trainings, CSOs will set up Ordu Women’s Platform and will prepare their one year strategic plan.

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