Emre Dayioglu (Season 06 - Episode 15)
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Don’t Let Anatolian Songs Be Forgotten…

Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program continues in its 6th season to share the unique stories of extraordinary people who contribute to the social development. The 15th and the last Changemaker of the 6th season is Emre Dayioglu.

Emre Dayioglu, aged 27, is a music teacher in Durmus Yener Secondary School in Bayralar village of Elmali, Antalya. He also records the pieces that are about to be forgotten in his spare time. Until today, he recorded around 500 different music pieces. He makes an effort to convey these pieces to others through social media so that they are not forgotten.


Emre Dayıoğlu has not only recorded the instruments and music pieces that are about to be forgotten. He has also contributed to social development of children through organizing various activities. Thanks to his efforts, 600 students living in the villages of Elmali district of Antalya met with piano for the first time and Antalya State Symphony Orchestra gave a concert in Bayralar village school.

Emre Dayıoğlu worked so that music pieces that are about to be forgotten are reintroduced to society. He helped children living in the villages to meet with various music genre. He made an effort for Anatolian culture to be inherited from generation to generation. He made a big difference through recording hundreds of pieces so that Anatolian folklore is kept alive and will not be forgotten…

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