Engelsizkariyer.com (Season 06 - Episode 07)
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A Portal Overcoming the Barriers: Engelsiz Kariyer 


Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program continues in its 6th season to share the unique stories of extraordinary people who contribute to the social development. The seventh Changemaker of the 6th season is www.engelsizkariyer.com (career without barriers) under the leadership of Mehmet Kiziltas.


Most of the 8.5 million disabled people living in Turkey cannot find a job just because they have some kind of a disability. Mehmet Kiziltas, who is aware of the obstacles to disabled people’s participation in employment, created www.engelsizkariyer.com website in 2005. The website is Turkey’s first career and human resources portal for disabled people, which brings together disabled people looking for a job and employers looking for disabled employees. Engelsizkariyer aims to achieve more qualified disabled employees in work life.


Since 2008, trainings were provided to thousands of disabled people all around Turkey on ‘career days’ with the leadership of Engelsizkariyer. There are around 7,000 CVs of disabled people in the database of the website as of January, 2015. Engelsizkariyer.com provides employment to tens of disabled people so that they can build a career. 


www.engelsizkariyer.com website filled a gap in disabled people’s world. It tried to contribute to disabled people’s employment, even in a minor way. The website not only provided jobs for the disabled, but also guided them to areas where they could build a career. This way, it created a big difference in the lives of disabled people, as well as the professional environment of companies.  

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