Engin Yilmaz (Season 05 - Episode 05)
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Series And Movies Are Available For Everyone With The Audio Description


Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program continues in its 5th season to share the unique stories of extraordinary people who contribute to the social development. The fifth Changemaker of the 5th season is Engin Yilmaz who established the “Audio Description Association”.


Audio Description Association founded by Engin Yilmaz provides access for people with visual or hearing impairments to a wide range of contents such as movies, series, informative, technical, scientific movies and commercials with audio description and subtitles. Therefore, all individuals with visual or hearing impairments can be informed about these works.


Engin Yilmaz, who also has visual impairments, was able to reach thousands of people with his projects. With the help of Engin Yilmaz’s projects, series and movies with audio description and subtitles are available for users with visual and hearing impairments on the websites of many Turkish TV channels.


After completing his bachelor and master’s degree at Bosphorus University, Engin Yilmaz continues to do his PhD while working as a director in the Assistive Technology and Education Laboratory for Individuals with Visual Disabilities (GETEM) at the same university. With the audio books project implemented by GETEM, people with visual disabilities gained access to literature. The center has around 5,000 members.


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