Edirne Women’s Counselling Centre: Equal Voice, Equal Decent Life
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Project Summary

Grantee: Edirne Women’s Counselling Centre

Purpose: Prevention of Violence Against Women

Province: Edirne

Grant Amount: 35.000 TL

Partner(s): Municipality of Edirne, Trakya University Centre on Research of Women’s Problems, Special Provincial Administration of Edirne, KAMER

Duration: 1 October 2013 – 31 May 2014



In the previous projects of Edirne Women’s Counselling Centre, it was found out that women in Edirne face discrimination and gender inequality, are not represented in political echelons and are not encouraged to do so (for instance, there has never been a female member of Edirne Special Provincial Administration Assembly, there are only 4 women out of 28 members of Municipal Council and only 1 mukhtar in 24 neighbourhoods of Edirne). Since there is no political representation of women, an approach that prioritizes the needs of women is not reflected into public service delivery. For this reason, women have to be trained on matters of gender equality especially in neighbourhoods where disadvantaged groups live.


Project Goals

- In order to raise awareness on gender equality 20 pioneer women will be determined by the project team.

- 20 pioneer women will meet with 1.200 women within a period of 2 months.

- The meetings will take place in Edirne’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods, namely: Sükrüpasa, Findik Fakih, Abdurrahman and Talatpasa neighbourhoods.

- The meetings will focus on the importance of gender equality and awareness raising exercises on this matter.

- With the neighbourhood gatherings and breakfast activities the women who were interviewed earlier in their neighbourhoods will meet each other and reinforce the newly acquired knowledge on gender equality.

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