Erol Hanligil (Season 01 - Episode 21)
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This Week's Changemaker; Erol Hanligil Gets Youth off Streets onto Basketball Courts


On 28 February 2010 Sabanci Foundation's "Turkey's Changemakers" program hosts Erol Hanligil, a literature teacher who believes that sports can  bring life to a city despite all hardships. 


Erol Hanligil is a teacher of literature. He was born and raised in Hakkari, a city in Southeastern Turkey. When he was an undergraduate student majoring in Turkish Language and Literature, he taught basketball voluntarily in summer camps organized by the provincial directorate of youth and sports. After his graduation, he started to work in Hakkari Ataturk High School as a teacher of literature.


Erol Hanligil believes that a city can change with sports, and started his journey in Hakkari, where there are almost no social and sportive activities for youth. He has helped local youth through basketball and made basketball popular among them. Moreover, he has helped local youth enroll in universities. Thanks to his efforts, several basketball activities have been organized in Hakkari, and the streetball tournament became traditional. In Hakkari there are 12 basketball teams with 1.200 players. Each year 800 girls and boys apply to his basketball summer camps.

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