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Synergos Jordan Visit Synergos Jordan Visit Synergos Jordan Visit Synergos Jordan Visit


Sabanci Foundation Director of Programs and International Relations Ms. Filiz Bikmen, Sabanci Foundation Program Specialist Ms. Hilal Baykara, and 3 representatives of the Turkey’s Changemakers program; Ms. Ceren Suntekin, Mrs. Itir Erhart and Mr. Yoruk Kurtaran participated in the “The Role of Leadership in Addressing Complex Social Challenges” meeting held in Jordan between 27 - 30March 2012 organized by Synergos. The participants of the meeting, which took place in Jordan, shared experiences about Synergos’ approach on social problems, bridging leadership and collaborative action practices.


In her opening remarks of the meeting, Peggy Dulany, the Chair of Synergos Institute explained their approach of work that spans over 25 years. Ms. Dulany stated that Synergos addresses poverty by creating spaces for knowledge sharing, convening partnerships and networks and bringing together the civil society leaders. Ms. Dulany finished her speech stating that Synergos “helps to promote social glue through networks”.


The meeting brought together the Synergos’ two program beneficiaries (Senior Fellows and Arab World Social Innovators) to discuss and reflect more about the issues of leadership and partnerships. Civil society leaders from all over the world met at panels, sessions, site visits and even outdoors, shared knowledge, and reflected upon their experiences.

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