Bilgi University Sociology and Education Implementation and Research Center: Fighting Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities in the Education System
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Project Summary

Grantee: Bilgi UniversitySociology and Education Implementation and Research Center

Purpose: Fighting discrimination against persons with disabilities in the education system

Location: Istanbul

Grant Amount: 130.000 TL

Project Partner: Social Rights and Research Association

Period: 15 July 2014 – 13 July 2015



46% of persons with disabilities face discrimination and negative attitudes in the education system (OZIDA, 2010). In all phases of education (registration process, class environment, accessibility of school buildings etc.) persons with disabilities face discrimination. The contents of textbooks also reinforce the negative perception against persons with disabilities.


Project Goals

  • In Istanbul:
    • Experts and teachers will come together to produce alternative lecture activities in order to eliminate discrimination.
    • Alternative activities will be implemented in classes, the process will be monitored and if necessary the activities will be revised.
    • A publicaiton that explains the whole process and the alternative methods will be prepared to be disseminated.
    • Alternative class activities will be introduced to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Ministry of National Education.


Project Results

  • In Istanbul:
    • 25 teachers from different majors and class levels participated in workshops on disability.
    • Academics working on disability joined the workshops periodically in order to discuss disability from different perspectives.
    • Academics and teachers produced alternative class plans to eliminate discrimination in education.
    • These alternative plans were implemented in pilot schools by the teachers and the feedbacks of students were analyzed.
    • A publication was prepared to share the alternative class plans with other teachers and interested parties.



"The plans developed by teachers yielded exciting results. One class even asked school administration to make the school accessible for disability groups. It was quite encouraging to hear."

Project Partner


"I am a teacher. My opinions are valued in the community, especially among my students. I might not be able to change the world, but I can definitely challenge certain perceptions and stereotypes. Instead of giving my students just math and Turkish, I am now trying to fill their minds with a rights-based approach to human rights." 

Project Beneficiary


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