Tohum Autism Foundation: First Step in Education: Inclusive Preschool Education
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Project Summary

Grantee: Tohum Autism Foundation

Purpose: Dissemination of inclusive education in preschool education

Location: Istanbul

Grant Amount: 172,000 TL

Project Partner: Istanbul Directorate of National Education, Teachers Academy Foundation

Period: 15 July 2016 – 14 July 2017



Preschool education is the first place where children with special needs participate in education. Therefore, this period is highly critical for children with special needs to continue their education. However, the inclusive practices in this phase are very rare. It is necessary to improve the inclusive education practices in preschool period and increase teachers’ knowledge and skills on this topic.


Project Goals

  • In Istanbul:
    • A training of trainers will be organized on inclusive education for 20 special education teachers.
    • With the support of these 20 special education teachers, a training on inclusive education will be provided to 100 preschool teachers from 20 different nursery schools.
    • An in-depth implementation will be held in a pilot school and teachers, administrators, parents in this school will be informed about inclusive education.
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