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The United Nations Joint Program to Promote and Protect the Human Rights of Women and Girls (UNJP) was a human development project carried out between 2006 and 2010 with the partnership of United Nations entities in Turkey, Ministry of Interior, Sabanci Foundation and Sabanci University.  This Program aimed gender equality by bringing together local governments, public authorities, private sector and civil society organizations around a common action plan. The pilot provinces of Izmir, Kars, Nevsehir, Sanliurfa, Trabzon and Van have earned a privileged position (Gender Friendly Cities) at the end of the Program.


High schools and high school teachers were designated as one of the target group of the Program from its inception. Sabanci University academicians and the Project team have designed Purple Certificate Program for high school teachers relying on the model of “training of trainers”.


Since 2007, 4 Purple Certificate Programs were run at Sabanci University campus and 206 high school teachers were certified with a Purple Certificate.


· Introducing the concept of gender equality to education curricula and increasing awareness on gender and women’s rights by way of training high school teachers

· The transfer of gender awareness from high school teachers to high school students

· Increase in the ability of high school teachers to manage projects related to gender equality


Purple Certificate Program directly works with high school teachers in pilot provinces. It is expected that high school students, their parents and the education system will also benefit from this Program indirectly.


The distribution of applications according to years and provinces are as follows:

2013: Aydin, Gaziantep, Kocaeli, Kayseri, Kahramanmaras, Eskisehir, Gaziantep

2014: Canakkale, Edirne, Kastamonu, Erzincan, Ordu

2015: Aydin, Gaziantep, Kocaeli, Kayseri, Kahramanmaras, Eskisehir, Gaziantep


All high school teachers who want to work towards increasing gender awareness in the pilot provinces of the Program can apply. Each summer those teachers who want to take part in the Purple Certificate Program will fill out application forms launched as part of Sabanci University’s call. This form will be available through the web.


Applications will be evaluated by Sabanci University academicians and those teachers who are found eligible will be invited to Istanbul. The permits of high school teachers who are found eligible will be issued by the Ministry of National Education according to a protocol. All the expenses of the Program, including transportation and accommodation will be covered by Sabanci University.


All high schools are eligible for the Program. General High Schools, Technical High Schools, Vocational High Schools, Anatolian High Schools, Natural Science High Schools and Imam Hatip High Schools are all eligible.


Studies show that high school curricula does not give any place to the concept of gender and gender awareness has no part in lessons, school text-books or school practices. There are not enough teachers who have gender sensitivity.


High school teachers have a key role in promoting role models that are sensitive to gender equality among students and for this reason they have to be promoted as role models. In order to make gender equality a sustainable part of education curricula, to become part of in-class and out-class activities, in order to create the much needed gender awareness among future generations, the collaboration of high school teachers is of utmost importance.


Purple Certificate Program takes place in the last week of June. It is a week long program. During the Program, high school teachers are accommodated at Sabanci University campus.


High school teachers have a key role in promoting role models that are sensitive to gender equality among students. High school students are at a critical age interval where they make important decisions about their lives and it has been observed that high school teachers have a significant influence on those decisions. For this reason, it is believed that gender education at high school level will have the biggest impact.


At the end of one week education program, an In-Service Training Certificate is issued by the Ministry of National Education while Purple Certificates are issued by Sabanci University to participating high school teachers.


Transportation and accommodation expenses of participants will be covered by Sabanci University.


We encourage the participation of masters and deputy masters. It is believed that projects related to our Program will be more easily carried out if the support of administrative cadres is already achieved.


It is the willingness to increase gender awareness and eagerness to work towards gender equality that is more important than seniority for participants’ eligibility.


The primary aim of the Program is to contribute to professional development and skills of teachers. New methods and communication techniques are shared during Purple Certificate Program. Purple Certificate Program is considered as a Professional Development Program by the General Directorate on Training Teachers of the Ministry of National Education.


Volunteering to work towards gender equality and willingness to develop projects that disseminate such awareness are enough as participation criteria. The needed awareness will be inculcated to participants through a one week program and follow-up visits.


Purple Certificate Program is designed so that it benefits high school teachers no matter what their field of expertise is. It underlines the importance of increasing gender awareness in in-class and out-class activities through modules such as “Gender and Natural Sciences” and “Gender Equality Through Text-books”


It is expected that high school teachers who take part in Purple Certificate Program reflect the knowledge they gained in in-class and out-class activities. It is expected that they will internalize gender awareness and also reflect this awareness to school practices as well as undertake projects with students and parents to popularize the topic. To this end, Sabanci University team will undertake periodical field visits to support teachers in their projects and endeavors.


Project team will have periodic follow-up visits to pilot provinces. Monitoring and guidance will be provided to teachers who will carry out gender-related projects.



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