Garnet Cooperative: Garnet is Yielding Fruit
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Project Summary

Grantee: Garnet Cooperative

Purpose: Women’s Participation to Economic Life

Province: Eskisehir

Grant Amount: 34.623 TL

Partner(s): Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality, Tepebasi Municipality

Project Duration: 1 September 2014 – 31 May 2015



Garnet Cooperative was established in 2010 in Tepebasi district of Eskisehir. The Cooperative improved itself by getting trainings on pastry. However, since the Cooperative is not properly trained in sales and marketing, it is having difficulties making its products known and getting enough orders. The Cooperative does not have enough resources to guarantee its sustainability. The Cooperative also needs to improve its product range other than pastry. If the cooperative can invest in the right equipment and sales & marketing strategies it will grow and improve its membership base.


Project Goals

- Purchase of equipment to guarantee product diversity

- The training of 20 member women and consultancy services on sales and marketing

- Creation of a pastry sales chain with supermarkets and ecological bazaars

- Publication of 1000 brochures and setting up of a website

- Training of 2 member women on website administration and their permanent employment by the Cooperative

- Increasing the sustainability of Garnet Cooperative by way of increasing product diversity, orders and membership size


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