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G(irls)20 Summit 2015; of which Sabancı Foundation is the key host partner and supporter, was held on October 5-6 in Istanbul. Themed around increasing labor force participation of women, the summit included discussions about “ cultural, social and political barriers against employment” and “proven practices that create jobs for women”.


In her opening remarks, the Chairman of Sabanci Foundation Board of Trustees, Ms. Guler Sabanci wholeheartedly stated that the 21st century is the era of women and added: “Today, the biggest barrier of women’s economic participation is the belief that women and men are unequal. Unless we break this perception at society, we can’t see women at education, work and political life. For women to participate in economic life, men and women should be equal. This is not a privilege but a right. Women want “equality” not “privilege”. This is the reason why we focus our programs at Sabanci Foundation on this issue and aim to address to the roots of the problem.”


Hosting speakers from Turkey and abroad, leaders from organizations such as OECD, Carlson Rezidor, World Economic Forum, FBI and IFC participated in the G(irls)20 summit. Among other participants 27 young girls coming from all over the world attended the summit, which takes its original name from these girls.


G(irls)20 has also aimed to empower young women leaders and help them realize their full potential. For that, G(irls20) has brought together a group of carefully selected young women, “delegates”, equipped them with leadership and communication skills and given them the opportunity to meet with leaders from government, business and civil society. The delegates prepared a communique which includes recommendations about ways to improve female participation in the workforce to G20 leaders. For communique please click here. For more information about G(irls)20 please click here.


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