Give Me a Chance (2008-2009)
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Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009) Give Me a Chance (2008-2009)

Mehtap Ar Children’s Theater continued its art journey with the new play ‘Give me a Chance’ in 2008-2009. The theater started with the support of Sabanci Foundation in 2006, in order to make art of drama widely accessible and likeable to children and even a larger audience.


In 2009, in addition to its plays in Istanbul, the theater also met the children in Anatolia through the Anatolian tour in April and May.


About The Play

Our leading character Tayfun has distinguished himself from his friends with his intelligence, sharp-tongue, his abilities, dominant personality and his cynical style. This distinction does not seem much amiable to us. He does not fancy his parents regardless of the great endeavours they make for his education and training.


We even see this cynical style in his relations with his sister, who became disabled as a result of an accident. One day, when he was very sad, he encounters a musician, whom he had never seen before. Tayfun is impressed by the melody that the old musician is playing and they become friends. The musician gives Tayfun a book named “Little Prince”. Some sections in the book attract Tayfun’s attention very much.


“He thought his rose was unique in the entire world. Then, he saw a large garden of roses. First he became sad, and then when he talked with the fox, he suddenly came to his senses.”


“Because I have watered it and have put under the glass globe to protect it from the wind”.


“The value of his rose increased as a result of the time he devoted to the rose.


Let’s watch the rest of this story all together.


Written : Kasım Uckan
Directed : Deniz Salman
Lyrics : Aysel Gurel
Music : Serdar Ates
Arranger : Ayhan Karaarslan


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