Good Smells From The Kitchen (Season 05 - Episode 09)
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Good Smells From The Kitchen For People With Visual Impairments

Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program continues in its 5th season to share the unique stories of extraordinary people who contribute to the social development. The ninth Changemaker of the 5th season is “Good Smells from the Kitchen” project which is implemented by the Library of Turkey for the Visually Disabled (TURGOK).


Library of Turkey for the Visually Disabled, founded by Gultekin Yazgan who is a Changemaker of the 1st season, published the first cookbook of Turkey, Good Smells from the Kitchen, for persons with visual impairments with the collaboration of Rotary Club. Good Smells from the Kitchen, which is prepared in Braille and as an audio book, is a special book for people who cannot see, but can smell the food they eat.


There are 100 recipes appropriate for the use of persons with visual impairments in the Good Smells from the Kitchen recipe book. The book avoids expressions such as “cook until onions get brown” or “bake until chicken is roasted”. All of the recipes are adjusted with appropriate smell descriptions.


The book, which was prepared with the professional recommendations of chefs and dieticians, and tested in cooking workshops with the participation of persons with visual impairments, is sent for free to the members of Library of Turkey for the Visually Disabled.

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