Social Development Grant Program
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Sabanci Foundation Social Development Grant Program supports education projects of civil society organizations which promote access to equal opportunities for women, youth and persons with disabilities to participate in all aspects of society.


Until today, the Foundation has allocated almost 10.5 million TL for 60 projects implemented in 72 out of 81 provinces in Turkey and achieved nationwide impact. You can read the Sowing Season Grant Program Stories to get more information on the supported projects.


You can visit the Projects section for detailed information on current and past grantees.


Why women, youth and persons with disabilities?

There are 38.2 million women, 12.6 million young people and 8.5 million persons with disabilities living in Turkey. Indicators on work, education and political participation show us that women, youth and persons with disabilities face problems with equal and active participation into social life. Double disadvantaged groups such as “women with disabilities”, “young women” or “young persons with disabilities” have to struggle with even bigger barriers.



Why education?

In the 10th year of the Grant Program, Sabanci Foundation has initiated a strategic review process with the participation of experts from different sectors in order to evaluate the work of the foundation and adapt to the changing needs in Turkey. As a result of the study, the Foundation decided that “Education” is an area of primary importance in fighting against discrimination faced by women, youth and persons with disabilities when participating in social life. Through focusing on education theme, it is aimed that the grant program will be more focused and more permanent solutions with sustainable impact will be developed for social issues. 



Why civil society organizations?

Sabanci Foundation believes that in order to promote access to equal opportunities for women, youth and persons with disabilities civil society organizations should be supported.


There are mainly two reasons for this decision: 1) Need 2) Potential to change. Due to the lack of national organizations or foundations that provide grants to civil society organizations, there is a constant need in the sector. On the other hand, there is a big potential and accumulated knowledge in these organizations who work closely with disadvantaged groups, analyze the situation and provide solutions to overcome the barriers and models that set an example to public institutions.


Please click here for more information on the Social Development Grant Program process, target group, areas of focus and solution approaches

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