Haci Sabanci Dormitory for Girls - Adana
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Haci Sabanci Dormitory for Girls - Adana

Haci Sabanci Dormitory for Girls, established on a total of 4,760 square meter area, with a closed area of 3,720 square meters, was commissioned in 1976.


The Dormitory has been built by Sabanci Foundation and its usage rights have been transferred over to Directorate General of Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution.


Haci Sabanci Dormitory for Girls, which is located in the town centre, has a capacity of up to 400 girl students pursuing their higher education.


The Dormitory has 7 floors and 52 rooms utilized as student dorms, 4 rooms used for laundry and ironing, 3 study rooms, a drawing room, dining hall and a canteen.


In addition, the Dormitory has internet connection and hot water everyday.



Contact Information

Address :  Cumhuriyet Caddesi Kurtulus Mahallesi 46/D Seyhan-Adana
Tel :  (322) 453 11 36
Fax :  (322) 459 80 67
Administrator :  Sultan Atci


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