Sanliurfa Municipality: Hand in Hand for a Women Friendly City: Sanliurfa
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Project Summary

Grantee: Sanliurfa Municipality

Province: Sanliurfa

Grant Amount: 34.950 TL 

Partner(s): Harran University Medical School Public Health Faculty, 67 Village Headmen, City Council Women’s Committee, Health Directorate, Provincial Education Directorate, Social Services Directorate, Sanliurfa Employment Directorate

Duration: 15 August 2009 - 15 August 2010


Target Audience

350 women from surrounding neighborhoods of Şanlıurfa, 5 personnel working in Sanliurfa Municipality Women’s Rights Division, 37 Provincial Municipality Council members, 67 village headmen

Project Summary

This project aims to identify and train women as community leaders who will take an active role in local decision making mechanisms, raise awareness of other key community stakeholders with regards to gender issues, women friendly policies and practices and increase participation and activities of Women’s Support and Occupational Training Centers in Sanliurfa. 350 women will be selected from each neighborhood and will be engaged in a 40 hour training program. These women will later serve as neighborhood representatives with regards to gender equality policies in Sanliurfa. 37 members of the City Council will attend a 1-day training session and 67 neighborhood headmen will attend a 1-day training about Local Equality Action Plan. Women’s Support and Occupational Training Centers, established by the Municipality of the city of Sanliurfa with the objective of supporting women in 5 neighborhoods, are going to be further developed by the women leaders representing the neighborhood.

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