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Project Summary

Grantee: Kayseri Association of Communication Experts, Consultants and Businessmen

Purpose: Young Women’s Participation to Economic Life

Province: Kayseri

Grant Amount: 34.800 TL

Partner(s): Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), Kayseri Branch

Project Duration: 1 September 2014 – 31 May 2015



Women’s labor force participation is quite low in Turkey with 29.8 % as of March 2014. In EU, this rate is 66.3 % and in OECD, it is 62.3 %. Even in Mexico, which has the closest figure to Turkey this rate is 47.8 %. Parallel to the obstacles in getting into the labor market, women also face difficulties in getting promotions and get lower wages for the same jobs compared to men. All these difficulties show that there is a need to take active measures for women at a young age to ensure their inclusion in the labor market and their promotion at the workplace.


Project Goals

- Gender Equality trainings to be delivered to 20 young women between the ages of 19-28, enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate degree at universities in Kayseri

- Provision of an applied training for 20 young women on how to become a leader in their professions of their choosing

- Crafting of employment targets of these 20 young women with the help of role models

- Seminaries to employees to make them aware of glass ceiling policies and gender discrimination at workplace

- 250 booklets to be published on the professional goals of 20 young women

- Mentoring by 20 young women to younger students who receive scholarships from TEV


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