Turkish Association of University Women Kastamonu Branch: I Realize, I Improve, I Change
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Project Summary

Grantee: Turkish Association of University Women Kastamonu Branch

Purpose: Gender Equality

Province: Kastamonu

Grant Amount: 31.190 TL

Partner(s): Kastamonu Municipality

Duration: 1 October 2013 – 30 April 2014



In Turkey, women are two times more likely than men and girls are eight times more likely than boys to experience depression. The possibility of having an eating disorder is nine times more likely for women than for men. Anxiety disorder is two-three times more prevalent and chronic stress disorder is two times more prevalent for women than for men. Girls are two and a half times more likely to experience sexual exploitation than boys. The rate of women facing domestic violence is 51% in Turkey. Although projects and investigations on these matters have been initiated in Turkey, Kastamonu is usually excluded from such studies. Rural areas are also not taken into consideration on these matters. Women in Kastamonu should be supported in their efforts to fight issues such as violation of their human rights, domestic violence and impediments in front of their participation to social life.


Project Goals

- The project aims to improve the awareness and knowledge of women on gender equality and women’s rights.

- Target group of the project is 180 women residing in the neighbourhoods of Saraclar, Hisarardi, Aktekke and the villages of Subasi, Golkoy and Elyakut (at least 30 women from each village and neighbourhood).

- Target group will receive training on human rights, gender equality, psychology and communication.

- 10% of women receiving training will get legal counselling and their immediate issues will be addressed.

- Via the women who received training 5.000 brochures will be distributed.

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