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Project Summary

Grantee: Association for the Promotion of Women’s Cooperation

Purpose: Promoting Economic Participation of Women

Province: Kayseri

Grant Amount: 33.500 TL

Partner(s): Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Melikgazi Foundation of Health, Culture and Social Solidarity, Board of Female Entrepreneurs of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce

Duration: 1 October 2013 – 30 June 2014



While working women constitute 48% of the female population in Europe, in Turkey this rate is only 29%. Board of Female Entrepreneurs in Kayseri receives countless applications by women who state that they want to work. A cursory look at the applicants reveals that the majority of them have no expertise in any field and do not have any working experience. In Kayseri, Alzheimer patients apply to Erciyes University Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine, Kayseri Hospital of Education and Research, Kayseri Geriatric Hospital. Some of the families which can afford it, take their patients to İstanbul and Izmit for caring facilities. Others that cannot afford prefer to take care of their patients themselves. Families caring for their patients without proper knowledge of this disease might even be causing it to progress. Given a lack of proper training in this field and given the number of women who want to work but who have no proper expertise in any profession, training them on caring for patients with Alzheimer disease can fill a big lacuna and can serve as a good model.


Project Goals                                                  

- Target group is 25 unemployed women living in Kayseri between the ages 18 and 35 with a degree equal to or higher than high school diploma.

- The aim of the project is to inform the target group about women’s rights and enable their participation to the labour force.

- Participants will receive 45 hours of awareness raising training, 66 hours of caring skills for Alzheimer and 24 hours of coaching on work life.

- It is expected that 40% of the target group will become part of the labour force at the end of the project.

- 20% of participants will be employed in the Alzheimer Centre that will be opened by Melikgazi Foundation of Health, Culture and Social Solidarity.

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