Kocaeli Cultural Development and Solidarity Association: If the Subject is Women
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Project Summary

Grantee: Kocaeli Cultural Development and Solidarity Association

Purpose: Gender Equality

Province: Kocaeli

Grant Amount: 35.000 TL

Partner(s): Kocaeli University, Basiskele Urban Council Women’s Assembly

Duration: 1 October 2013 – 30 June 2014



One way to improve gender equality is to set up institutional mechanisms that will promote women’s advancement and that will further the performance of existing mechanisms. The most important of these institutions are CSOs. It is important to build bridges between CSOs and public authorities for furthering gender equality in civic projects. We need projects that will improve the ability of CSOs to have a voice in decision making and law-making processes of local authorities. More projects are needed in Kocaeli that will bring different stakeholders such as municipalities, women’s CSOs, educational institutions and parents to promote gender equality.


Project Goals

- Target groups are 1.000 people for awareness raising activity and 150 people for the training.

- Trainings will be delivered to 20 girls and 20 boys between the ages 12 and 15, 20 staff member of Basiskele Municipality, 20 disadvantaged women and 50 parents.

- With the trainings, teachers will have an understanding of how they can practice gender equality principles at school and parents and students will have an understanding of how they can implement this approach at the household setting.

- At the end of the project, a model will be developed for the Equality Unit that will be established under the premises of Basiskele Municipality.

- A booklet will be published at the end of the project. This booklet will contain information with respect to the project, results of the survey with respect to perceptions on gender equality, methodology adopted, risks and solutions proposed throughout its execution.



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