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Internship Application and Evaluation:

  • The Internship quota is only open to receivers of the Sabanci Foundation scholarships enrolled in an associate and undergraduate program and applicable just for the summer season.
  • The scholarship holder may apply to her/his university for internship quotas reserved in Sabanci Group of Companies by the end of March. The university will contact Sabanci Foundation, providing the details of the applicants.
  • Evaluation of applications will be completed by Sabanci Foundation within April.
  • The results will be announced to universities, who will then contact the receivers of our scholarships in May.
  • Scholarship holders enrolled in the universities other than Sabanci Foundation scholarship quota should send a letter to Sabanci Foundation, stating that they are willing to be enrolled with the internship program. Sabanci Foundation will provide feedback to the receivers of our scholarships if their applications are accepted.

Those Candidates with Following Criteria will be given a Priority:

  • Those on mandatory internship program
  • Students attending the last year of their undergraduate program who are yet to complete their mandatory internship program
  • In case of more than one applicant from the same class, those ones with a higher GPA
  • Those candidates that are better matches for companies

Internship Period:

  • The respective company designates the time period for the internship program; however, it may not be less than one month, with an exception that if the company deems it acceptable, it may be extended.

Cancellation of the Internship:

  • Quitting the internship program without any justified excuse,
  • Failure to obey disciplinary rules of the company; overlooking work safety rules,
  • Quitting the internship program without the consent of Sabanci Foundation and the company before the internship program ends


No further opportunity will be granted to a student on scholarship whose internship program is cancelled; nevertheless, a student with a justifiable excuse will maintain his chances to undergo an evaluation under the internship quota.


If a student renounces the internship program, Sabanci Foundation should be informed as soon as possible so that the vacant position may be offered to another student.

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