Akyaka District Village Services: Let’s Know Our Rights and Trust Ourselves
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Project Summary

Grantee: Akyaka District Village Services

Province: Kars

Grant Amount: 23.400 TL

Partner(s): Kafkas University Women’s Issues Research Center, Kars Bar Association

Duration: 21 September 2098 – 21 July 2010


Target Audience

250 women, who are primary and/or secondary school graduates between ages 18-50

Project Summary

This project aims to inform women and young girls regarding their rights and domestic violence issues. 250 female primary and secondary school graduates between the ages 18-50 will participate in a training on rights, violence against women and inheritance within a program of two 4-hour sessions to be held in 5 villages. A total of 3 collective training sessions will be held at the district center bringing together all the participants.

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