Local Equality Action Plans
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Local Equality Action Plans Local Equality Action Plans Local Equality Action Plans Local Equality Action Plans

The “Joint Program to Promote and Protect Human Rights of Women and Girls” involves all United Nations agencies, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sabanci Foundation and Sabanci University. The Program offers a platform where UN organizations, local governments, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and private sector institutions can work together towards long-lasting results with reference to gender equality and women’s rights.


The objectives of the Joint Program are: increasing awareness of women and girls’ rights; bringing together local governments, NGOs, private sector and UN; increasing the local / national political and budgetary commitment; training the public to promote and protect women’s and girls’ rights; increasing the education levels of women and girls; initiating Local Equality Action Plans and implementing the projects developed within the context of LEAPs.


The Local Equality Action Plans were prepared as guidelines for the partners working at the local level to develop service models. The Local Equality Action Plans (LEAPs), which include 7 general categories, are evaluated and analyzed in depth by Dr. Ayten Alkan, Ankara University Research Assistant.


Please click here to download the Local Equality Action Plans Evaluation Report by Dr. Ayten Alkan.

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